About Us


Nikhil Garg

My vision is to create educated professionals in the field of fitness and wellness

Nikhil has 10+ years of experience in the wellness and fitness industry. He has trained over 5000 clients through online and offline platforms.

He has worked with top gyms in Delhi NCR and specializes in corrective exercises for lower back pain, knee pain, sciatica nerve pain, and other muscle imbalances. As an expert in the field, he has also assessed tennis and cricket players to design stability, mobility, and performance enhancement workout and nutrition program for more than 550 athletes.

When he entered the fitness education industry and worked with many institutions and academies, it was then that he realized that most of the academies are just completing the courses and providing certificates rather than actually imparting knowledge with a view of making an impact on the lives of students.

Thus, he started his own academy in 2020: Institute of Fitness Science.

His Qualifications

Joban Aulakh

Joban Aulakh is a master trainer and Director in the IFS (Institute of fitness science).

He has been a part of the IFS since day one and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management and Supplementation, Certified CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) Professional, Certified Exercise During and After Pregnancy: Understanding ACOG Guidelines, Certified ACE IFT Model Personal Training Program Design and Certified Practical Pointer for Group Fitness.

He began his career as a Personal Trainer/Strength Coach working with the general population and various clinical populations. As the director, one of his most important roles is to drive and upgrade the level of IFS and protect the organizational values, creating a healthy, happy working environment that attracts and retains talented employees and allows team members to embody the mission of IFS and live their most fit lives.

His teaching is centred on Evidence-Based Practice and Research-Based Methods. He spends the majority of his time guiding gym trainers and feels this is the most important aspect of his career.


To provide quality and research-based knowledge of universal standards and improve quality of health and life by delivering accurate, updated, fact-based and practical knowledge.


To create skilled employees in fitness industry, keeping in mind the rapid growth of fitness industry and increasing demand for certified fitness professionals.

How We Teach